in memoriam - Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia
1962 - 2008
A Loving Dedicated Son, Brother, Nephew,
Uncle, Partner, Friend, Spititual Guide, Mentor and Volunteer

In October 2007, Daniel facilitated with us at the Long Beach POZ Life Seminar. Photographer Reggie Ige visted us there to do some interviews with Life Group volunteers. Daniel was excited about participating in the activity and has left
The Life Group LA with this amazing tribute.

His family and partner John would like to ask that remembrances be made in Daniel’s name to The Life Group LA.

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Thoughts and Reflections

Delicious Daniel... (Like the Sweetest Cotton Candy)

You were for me, a grounding and peaceful energy in my life. A man of stability, love, kindness, awareness, and spirituality. You freely offered the same to so many however to each of us, a unique and special connection evolved into a lasting and every glowing light in our hearts.

I struggle to accept that I’m okay with your passage... I didn’t get to spend all the time I wanted with you, I didn’t get to learn from you all that there was to learn... or did I? As you would have said, “be open to the message and the lesson... it will come to you, and you will know.”

When things got rough and we caught a glimpse into one another’s eyes and even deeper, into our soul’s the deep connection assured me everything would be okay. You had faith in me, and instilled that just by looking at me with the ever knowing peaceful silent message and gentle knowing smile.

I know you are at peace now, relieved from the pain and obligations you may have felt to stay alive for us... I am at peace knowing that your transition brings you much adventure in a place where peace and light are radiant and tranquil.

For your benevolent and bountiful gifts shared with the people you serve and have worked with... I offer you and others who might read this, a few comments left by your clients and colleagues.

• Daniel is the softest spoken man I know but everything he said was profound and thought provoking and took me to a place I needed to go to grow and recover from my guilt and self hating.
• Daniel helped me understand and believe that I am worthy of love.
• I have never been heard so clearly before as I was with Daniel. He glow’s with spirit, I want that in my life.
• Does he need a roommate? I want to live in his love all the time.
• Daniel gave me the tools to think of things in a different way and make a difference in my life and the life’s of others that I share time with.
• Where did he come from? I have never met anyone so kindhearted and concerned.
• It was a pleasure to work with Daniel. He is brilliant, loving, intuitive and so supportive. I learned so much from him.

I miss you, love you, Honor you, will never forget you and the gifts you shared with me, I will forever live the lessons you taught me, and the lessons that are sure still to come... Please visit me often and guide my existence to the best it can be for all those who need us.

- Sunnie Rose


I am saddened by Daniel's passing. He was a caring soul, that will be be greatly missed by all of us that had the honor of volunteering with him.

I was always humbled by his dedication, clarity of thought and the ability to make the clients welcomed.

Knowing him was an honor and I always will remember his calming voice and demeanor.

My prayers are with you and his family.

- Mauricio

Dear John and all who knew Daniel,

We have lost a compassionate presence who will be greatly missed. Daniel's smile lit up the room and his devotion to the work we do was boundless. I will miss him and remember him always when I am at a TLGLA event.

- Allan Klein

Daniel's journey on earth leaves a trail of love, respect, and selfless acts. His life will continue to warm the hearts and souls of those who were privileged to know him. Those to come will feel the effects of Daniel's work and commitments to social change in our community. Daniel's legacy will simply be his charm and politeness.

Much love.

- Xavier Mejia

Dear John,

Just saw your post on facebook. My heart is with you. I know your sorrow feels endless. I'll be in touch.

- Brigid Stackpool

Dear Daniel,

This is a page to celebrate your life. You were a great inspiration for many.

Love, Joy, Happiness, Commitment, Faith, Understanding, Warmth, Contemplation, Reality, Hopeful, Inspired, Spiritual, Giving, Wonderful, Challenging, Grateful, Peaceful, Restless, Eager, Honor, Helpful, Intellectual, Desire, Caring, - words that describe you!

Love meant a lot to you. Life held many challenges for you. You held love and life in high regard. You loved pure. You conquered each challenge with thought, courage and faith.

You were taught by a loving mother and grandmother. You valued each of them very much. Your pure heart of love came from the family that raised you. I know in my heart they each embraced you upon your arrival.

You were blessed to have reunited with other family later in life. Your heart sang with joy when you were able share your life with your brother and sisters. It was a great day for you. Being an uncle brought you tears of happiness. This reunion brought so much love back to you that was lost.

Romantic Relationships - oh my dear friend you had a few! We know that each relationship was based on your pure love. Why? Because, you didn't do it any other way. You gave all you had to each you loved. You are now with your first. Once again reunited and joined.

Your life was inspired. Many people have encountered your generous giving nature, kind heart, and pure love. Each person who was granted the gift of knowing you is a better person today. With each soul you met you touched them in your own way!

Saddness parts on many knowing they will not share another memory with you. I know not to fret as you will always be in my heart. I celebrate your life. Your spirit continues to live.

Your grandmother has brought you home to your father! Rest in peace my dear friend, my dear brother.

- Rebel


My heart is full, not just with grief at losing another friend, but also with the love and passion that you brought to your life and volunteer work. I will always remember your smile, your laugh, your deep calm, your beautiful voice, and your reassuring and supporting presence.

Funny how we often feel closer to those we loved after they have left this life. You are now a part of a circle of departed friends and fellow volunteers from Shanti and The Life Group that I carry with me each day in my heart. I was privileged to serve with you on the L.A. Shanti training team, and to feel your healing presence through each "Shanti drama," crisis, and joyful event. I watched you give of yourself and your gifts as facilitator, trainer, presenter, and friend.

I remember how excited you were talking about going to Spain, your love of languages, and your commitment to helping others and to making this world a better place. I love you, my friend. Have a fascinating journey.

- Roger Jones

Dear John and Daniel's family,

Another light has gone out with the loss of Daniel's physical presence but he lives on in each and every person who were lucky enough to come into contact with him. I will always remember his calmness, his passion for helping others, and the tone of his amazing soothing voice. If our value as human beings is measured by how much we impacted the world then Daniel is priceless.

- Jim Wierski

Daniel -

I keep saying it, but I miss you immensely. I know how you impacted so many people's lives, mine certainly included. I am a different person today because of you. You made everyone feel, in that moment, that they were the most important person on Earth. No wonder so many of us are impacted by your passing.

You were a brave and courageous person facing your illness head on. I know you struggled to be calm towards the end and you continued with treatment after treatment in the hope of a miracle. You wanted to be here with us, physically.

We did actually experience a miracle my love, your passing was as we'd hoped it would be - without pain, disfigurement, and struggle. You gracefully sighed your last breaths in my arms. It was as if you had found a comfortable place. I'm sure you did.

Hear me now, you are with me every moment of every day. I carry memories of our short time together here in physical form. I miss you, but you are here.

All my love to you, now and forever.

- John Chasse

Daniel's reverent peace will be greatly missed. I can only begin to imagine the love that is surrounding him in the heavens. All my love to you and I will ask the next Commission Meeting to be adjourned in his memory. All my love to you.

- Brad

Daniel, while you are not with us on this plane of existence any more, you still live in our hearts and our memories. Selfishly I wish you were still here, but I know you are at peace now with your beloved grandmother and I send both of you a prayer.

- Dennis Smith

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His family and partner John would like to ask that remembrances be made in Daniel’s name to The Life Group LA.

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