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Please help us out.

The vital work we do depends in majority on the generosity of supporters like you. We gladly welcome donations of any size.

We cannot thank our supporters enough for their benevolent contributions. There is no gift that is too small, it ALL makes a huge difference, and there are many ways in which you can contribute and help those affected by HIV/AIDS.


POZ Life Advocate Sponsorship Levels:

Copper...........$25 — $49
Bronze...........$50 — $99
Silver...........$100 — $199
Gold.............$200 — $999

For donations greater than $1000, please email or call Sunnie Rose at | Toll FREE: 888-208-8081
Platinum......$1,000 — $4,999
Diamond......$5,000 and above

POZ Life Supporters:
One Time
Monthly Reoccurring
$10.00 Donation
$20.00 Donation
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support groupsLife Group LA is seeking a few permanent locations in the City of Los Angeles, West Hollywood or Hollywood for our weekly ongoing support groups.

If you or someone you may know can help us find a nice, special, donated space for our groups, or know of someone who would like to sponsor TLGLA’s support group locations.

Please contact Sunnie Rose at or 888-208-8081.

We don’t need much to make it all happen and with your help, it will!

Here are few more ways you can help:

We welcome your inkind donations! Sports or theater memorabilia, Themed gift baskets, Tickets to sporting or cultural events, Vacation packages, Clothing or Accessories, Jewelry, Original artwork and Gift certificates. Use Your Imagination!

[ Download our in-kind donation form]

Mike's T PartyBuy a 'T' for Yourself or Someone You Love

The Life Group LA is pleased to announce Miracle Mike Hennessey is sharing his 'T''s. Miracle Mike is generously donating 100% of the proceeds from his 'T' store to TLGLA.

Buy Your 'T' Here

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Please type in LIFE GROUP LA and then click verify
Each search you do will bring TLGLA One Cent!

  • Buy a Life Group LA Tee-ShirtOrder T-Shirts and Accessories from our Support Store

  • Ralphs' Community Contributions Program
    Ralph’s Community ProgramWe will now get points (Which equal $$$) each time one of our supporters swipe's their Ralph's card or enters their phone number. It's easy to register... and costs nothing!!!

  • Your Two Cents Makes a Difference!
    iGiveDid you know that more money is printed daily for the game Monopoly than by the U.S. treasury? If only some of that money could make a difference for The Life Group. But guess what? You can make that happen just by buying your games, toys, books, CDs and everyday items at At the Mall at you get a free membership (no costs or obligations) to shop at 600+ stores and without even knowing it, you'll be helping The Life Group at the same time. So, instead of printing money, just find a little here and there by doing a little shopping, and up to 26% of every purchase you make will be donated directly to The Life Group!Simply go to and register!

Direct Program Assistance
  • Lunch Sponsors
    We offer our participants lunch each day, to make their experience more stress free. If you would like to sponsor a lunch, please contact:

  • Snack Sponsors
    We offer our participants a light breakfast as well as snacks and beverages throughout the day. If you would like to be a Breakfast, or snack sponsor, please contact:

  • Volunteer

  • Wish List

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