The POZ Life Weekend Seminar

POZ Life Weekend Seminar

April 7 & 8, 2018

in Palm Springs

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The POZ Life Weekend Seminar is a place where compassion, education, community and love is offered unconditionally. It's a place HIV+ men, women, youths and family members can come be themselves, feel comforted and support in their effort to learn how to either live a long healthy productive POZitive lifestyle, or help someone they know and love overcome the fears associated with being HIV+.

Our diverse group of Presenters, Volunteers and Staff can effectively reach out and relate to the specific issues that can concern and equally diverse group of men, women, people of color, gay men and heterosexual HIV individuals. Age is not relevant in most cases, however each community and culture has specific needs for support, and each is addressed in breakout or concurrent sessions according to the specific demographic majority of the enrolled number of participants.

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When enrolling, you'll be asked what your specific concerns might be, or what you hope to achieve by participating in the seminar. We strive to find qualified presenters to address these specific issues, or ask one of the already scheduled qualified presenters to be sure and touch on that topic to insure all questions are answered.

Our workshops are extremely interactive. Our Presenters always welcome your questions and comments. You see…presenters and volunteers are not the only ones sharing and teaching. The magic occurs when participants also reach out and help one another with helpful information, suggestions, support and tips.

The Life Group LA is also available to travel nationwide to produce the "POZ Life Weekend Seminar" for your organization, in your town, in either Spanish or English. For inquiries and the logistics' of hosting a "POZ Life Weekend Seminar" contact Sunnie Rose, Executive Director of Programs.

In Los Angeles, California The Life Group LA proposes to conduct four (4) POZ Life Weekend Seminars during its fiscal year: August 1, 2005 to September 30, 2006. The scope of work is as follows.

  • Each weekend seminar will attempt to serve a minimum of 30 HIV positive individuals, significant others and HIV care providers for a total of 120 persons served during this time period.
  • The POZ Life Weekend Seminar will be conducted at various venues countywide and is not limited to serving persons living within Los Angeles County.
  • The POZ Life Weekend Seminar will be conducted for a minimum of 20 hours per seminar within the two and one half day period.
  • There will be a minimum of 10 workshops during each weekend seminar dealing with but not limited to: HIV Drug Treatment Options, Insurance and Public Benefits, Stress Management, Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Gynecological Manifestations of HIV, Nutrition, Women and HIV, Medication Adherence, Recreational Drug Use, Clinical Trials and HIV Disclosure.
  • The program will include an evaluation process which will consist of the following: Client satisfaction surveys; to be distributed to and completed by seminar participants and evaluated by the POZ Life Weekend Seminar program manager at each of the weekend seminars, monthly reports, clinical supervision of both paid staff and volunteer support group facilitators by Licensed Clinical Consultants (or higher degree in mental health) and peer case conference during each of the weekend seminars conducted by the support group facilitators and monitored by the clinical supervisor. All reporting and support documentation shall be submitted on a monthly basis.

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