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Los Angeles

September 1, 2005

A Thank You to All

We at The Life Group LA would like to thank you for your support of our inaugural POZ Life Weekend Seminar on August 27th and 28th.!

The weekend was a complete success! Lives were changed, re-affirmed, goals set, resources gained, support systems reinforced and many found peace in understanding how to live with being HIV+.

In attendance were 46 participants and 21 volunteers! This amazing, diverse group of loving individuals that were willing to share created an incredible magic. Contributing also to this amazing ambience were the great presenters and caring volunteers who live the life of compassionate presence.

Present at this amazing gathering were HIV positive and negative men and women, newly diagnosed, and some very long-term survivors, with varied sexual orientations, ethnicity's and ages. Also sharing in the experience were caregivers and case managers whom I know have grown and gained strength in knowledge.

Special Thanks to our Donors and Sponsors who made it possible for us to fund this workshop, and to all the Presenters and Volunteers whom without their unconditional love, knowledge, time and support, this weekend would not have been made possible.

Thanks to the Community at large for helping The Life Group LA spread the word of of it's work and provide a very valuable workshop, free of charge to our mutual HIV/AIDS communities in need of emotional support and peace of mind in clearly understanding their options.

Do you know someone struggling with their HIV status? Do you know a care giver, family member, or service provider who is struggling with providing the best support? Do you know a Sero Different Couple that could together use some support?

The POZ Life Weekend Seminar is a gift they will thank you forever for!

Because It’s Your Life

Most Sincerely,
Sunnie Rose
Volunteer Executive Director
The Life Group LA

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