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February 1, 2007

The Life Group LA Forms Committee on HIV and Aging

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The Life Group LA Forms Committee on HIV and Aging By Herbie Taylor, Chairman, The Life Group LA Committee on HIV and Aging

For some time now, there has been an enormous need to investigate and address the concerns of the many people who were diagnosed HIV positive long ago and survive, as well as those of the growing numbers of mature folks who are newly diagnosed.

I don’t have to tell you that here in Los Angeles, youth is catered to almost exclusively – the focus is on the chronologically young in ALL markets. As far as HIV/AIDS goes, there are support groups and activities for gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, MSM, sero-discordant couples, singles, teen, young adult, black, Latino (and on and on and on) populations infected with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS. The publicity for these events usually features images of perky young people. Long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS, as well as the more mature newly diagnosed see NOTHING for them in these advertisements, and so, they tend to isolate (which, as we all know, is EXTREMELY dangerous). As a result, these un-served people have become invisible.

The goal of The Life Group LA's Committee on HIV and Aging is to reach out and cater to this mature population by providing support and activities designed specifically for them based on their needs and desires. We want to let them know that The Life Group LA’s warmth and compassion are available to EVERYONE. We want them to realize that their rich histories and life experiences make them an invaluable resource and an important and most welcome element not only of The Life Group, but of the global HIV/AIDS community as well.

Members of The Life Group LA Committee on HIV and Aging were selected for their dedication, compassion and life experience.

They are: Allan Klein, Len Lovallo, Tom Royer and Harlene Marshall

Please join me in congratulating them on coming together to take up this wonderful cause.

In addition to these committee members, we will soon begin the process of adding gravitas to the committee by reaching out to professionals (health – physical, mental and spiritual - benefits specialists, etc.) attuned to the needs of the mature individual dealing with HIV/AIDS.

We are truly grateful for this wonderful new opportunity to enlarge and enhance The Life Group LA family by being of service to the under-served. This long-overdue project promises to be a challenging adventure, and a worthwhile and rewarding one for all concerned.

Herbie Taylor,
Chairman, Volunteer
The Life Group LA Committee on HIV and Aging

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