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POZ Life weekend seminar

Thank you for your interest in our San Diego POZ Life Weekend Seminar.

Online, Pre-Registration is now Closed.

If you would like to come, and can commit to attending BOTH days, we may be able to still accommodate your participation.

Please call Sunnie at 661-496-6022.

If You Have Already Registered:

We will contact you to confirm receipt of your registration form and we can do so via email or phone, which ever you prefer.

Participant confirmation letters will be mailed out about two weeks before the workshop, or for late registrations, the confirmation letters can be emailed to you.

For confidentiality reasons, we do not disclose the actual location of the seminar until we have a confirmed registration form completed and verified. Please know that all the venues we utilize are safe spaces.

Your information is always kept confidential. We only utilize the demographics you disclosed for applications in private foundation funding.

Confidentiality Statement

We value your privacy, and for that reason no personal information you share with us is sold or shared with others, without your permission. Our relationship with you is more important to us than any profit that could be derived by selling, renting, sharing, or otherwise providing your personal information to a third party. You have our word on that!

Read our full Confidentiality Statement

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